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Sat   New Years Day
Mon     Bank Holiday
Thu  Lodge of True Friendship
Fri Lodge of Instruction
10 Mon  Lodges of Fidelity & St Christopher
11 Tue  Avon Mark Lodge & Hambrook Lodge
12 Wed  St Matthias Conclave (Red Cross of Constantine) 
13 Thu  Lodge of True Friendship 
14 Fri  Lodge of Instruction
15 Sat 
16 Sun 
17 Mon  Lodge of Fidelity 
18 Tue  Hambrook Lodge
19  Wed  Lodge of St Christopher
20 Thu  Filton Chapter of Fortitude 
21 Fri  Lodge of Instruction
22 Sat    Hambrook Burns Night 
23 Sun  Filton Lodge of Fortitude 
24 Mon  Filton Lodge of Fortitude 
25 Tue  Avon Mark Lodge (Mark Master Masons)
26 Wed  Lodge of Sincerity 
27 Thur  Filton Chapter of Fortitude (Holy Royal Arch)
28 Fri  Lodge of Instruction
29  Sat 
30 Sun
31 Mon