The Temple, or Lodge Room, is on the first floor of the building and is accessed by an internal staircase from the Dining Hall.


The Lodge Room itself is a spacious and pleasant environment and can accommodate around 100 brethren for a Craft Lodge meeting. The Fire Exit from the Lodge Room is situated in the south-east corner and leads to an external fire escape which exits into Park Road.  There is an alternative fire exit from the internal staircase, to the left and down through a fire door and out into Park Road.

The first floor also accommodates a large Robing Room, a locker room, a small VIP lounge, and the Candidate's room.

Disabled access is available by using the stair lift which is installed on the internal staircase.

       stair lift tn 
 The Hall Reception accommodates toilets and the Licensed Bar, and leads into the Dining Hall.  The well-equipped kitchen, with serving hatch, is off to the right in the Dining Hall, near the Dining Hall fire exit.  The Dining Hall can cater for up to 100 guests in the traditional layout, or 64 guests using round tables.