The Filton Lodge of Fortitude was consecrated in 1947 in Downend Temple and in order to secure a meeting place, The Filton Masonic Hall Company was established and obtained the use of the Filton War Memorial Hall, next to the Shield’s Laundry (which later became Filton Technical College).  The first regular meeting was held there on 27th October, 1947. 

It was a public building and in daily use for various local activities. Meetings were held there until the Hall was acquired for demolition in 1961 to make way for the new Filton Link road.

The Memorial Hall, Stapleton 

By 1961, the Filton Lodge of Fortitude had sponsored two further lodges, the Lodge of Fidelity (1949) and the Lodge of Sincerity (1959).

ing the summer recess in 1961, The Filton Masonic Hall Company found and purchased the freehold the Memorial Hall in Park Road and the old School building in Brinkworthy Road.  The School building was demolished to make way for the Car Park, while work started on the Memorial Hall to convert it into a purpose-built temple for masonic use.  It became the Filton Masonic Hall.honoursboard

While the building works were in progress, the three lodges met by special dispensation at the Masonic Hall, Downend (Fidelity and Sincerity) and at the Masonic Hall, Avonmouth (Fortitude).

In 1962, the Hall was formally opened and the three lodges started new era in a Masonic Hall they could call their own.

Why ? The founding fathers moved their hall to Stapleton but still called it the Filton Masonic Hall. The company that looks after the Hall is limited by guarantee, and is called the Filton Masonic Hall Co. Ltd, or FMHCL for short. 

Information sourced from the “History of the Lodge of Fidelity” by W.Bro. K.Hearn - with thanks.