The Filton Lodge of Fortitude was consecrated in 1947 in Downend Temple and in order to secure a meeting place, The Filton Masonic Hall Company was established and obtained the use of the Filton War Memorial Hall, next to the Shield’s Laundry (which later became Filton Technical College).  The first regular meeting was held there on 27th October, 1947. 


The Temple, or Lodge Room, is on the first floor of the building and is accessed by an internal staircase from the Dining Hall.

Hall currently has two registered caterers - AHM Catering Experience and Rosina Rowland's Rosina Catering.

Our newest caterer, AHM Catering Experience, is based in Soundwell and commenced operations with us in September 2015, earlier than expected, due to the tragic death of long-serving caterer David Newman.  Many of the Lodges for whom Dave catered have engaged AHM Catering to replace him.